Welcome to Bombay Gujarat Transport Corporation

Bombay Gujarat Transport Corporation is pleased to Introduce our selves as one of the leading transport company, having guaranteed direct dusk to dawn PARCEL services, from Gujarat stations to all over Maharashtra destinations.

We are pleased to introduce as one of the leading Transporters. We have daily and direct service from Mumbai & Ahmedabad to Rajkot, Jetpur, Junagadh, Keshod, Vanthali, Vishawadar, Manavadar, Batwa, Mendarda, Malia Hatina, Mangrol, Sil-Madhupur, Chorwad, Veraval, Talala, Prachi, Kidinar, Una & Diu.

We Provide Prompt & Secured Parcel Service

Saurashtra being our birth place, gives us the added benefit and motivation to cater to the services of the people there. The last 25 years in the industry gives us experience unmatched to cater to the needs of our clients. We believe in service which is quick and very efficient. In case of Grievance we have setup a Grievance Call which redresses the problem in a stipulated period of time. We have set our competition level to ourselves where we compete with our previous record and try to overcome the deficiencies encountered before. Gaining through our experience day by day we strive to the best and year after year we have proved this to our existing clients.

Our transport operation are being under strict controlled by well qualified and experienced personnel in the field of transportation. We are keenly interested in developing our business further and would like to increase our client base, henceforth we request you to consider us for transportation of your goods efficiently and quickly.

In case you require any further details please do not hesitate to correspond with us and we assure you our topmost attention.

Javed Panja

Bombay Gujarat Transport Corporation.
“Since 1972 servicing our best service in all over Gujrat”